My Last Minute Tips To Get An A On Your Exams

If you’re deep in the throes of exam season—caffeine-fueled, slightly panicked, and scrolling through YouTube for last-minute tips—this post is for you.

I’m here to share the exact exam day routine that’s helped me achieve top grades throughout school and college. Let’s dive in and transform your exam day strategy.

The Night Before

It’s the evening before your big exam. This isn’t just any night—it’s your chance to set the stage for success. Start by eliminating distractions.

Delete those social media apps, switch your phone to airplane mode during study sessions, and instead of falling into the YouTube rabbit hole, curate focused study playlists on platforms like Notion or “I Miss My Library.”

With distractions out of the way, it’s time for logistics. Check and double-check your exam essentials: sharpen pencils, load mechanical pencils, test pens, charge calculators, and map out your route to the testing center.

Factor in extra time for traffic—preparation eliminates last-minute stress.

Once everything’s sorted, lay out your exam day outfit. Comfortable jeans, layered with a sweater and jacket, ensure you’re ready for any room-temperature surprises. With logistics and attire squared away, indulge in the final review.

Whether it’s revisiting notes, skimming textbook outlines, or tackling practice questions under timed conditions, this last-minute cram session ensures you’re mentally sharp and prepared.

Waking Up to Success

last min exam tips. waking up

Exam day dawns. Rise at least two hours before your test. Jumpstart your mind and body with a burst of exercise—jumping jacks or a brisk stretch—to shake off sleepiness.

A hot-cold shower combo further invigorates, followed by a light, balanced breakfast—think protein and whole grains—to fuel your brain without the crash.

If caffeine’s your ally, time it wisely—an hour before the exam to hit peak alertness during the test. Use the morning hours to review key summaries, revisit missed practice questions, and cement crucial formulas in your mind.

Strategies for Success

Arriving at the exam venue, jot down essential formulas and key dates immediately. Take a few minutes to scan the exam structure—knowing what’s ahead primes your brain for the task at hand.

During the exam itself, strategy is everything. Start with the easy questions to build momentum and gain quick wins.

Flag medium-difficulty questions for later and circle the toughest ones to tackle last. Time management is crucial—allocate a buffer to revisit flagged and challenging questions, employing smart guessing strategies if needed.

As the clock ticks down, resist the urge to rush. Double-check every answer until the last minute, ensuring accuracy and maximizing your score potential.

You’ve Got This!

There you have it—a comprehensive guide to acing your exams with a tried-and-true routine. Preparation, focus, and strategic thinking are your allies. Approach each exam with confidence, knowing you’ve prepared meticulously. Best of luck—you’re ready to conquer those tests!

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