How To Study When You Are Tired After School

Are you constantly feeling like you’ve hit snooze on life?

From dragging yourself out of bed to surviving school days, I get it—we’re all booked and busy, juggling a million things while trying to keep up with everything from assignments to binge-watching Taylor Swift’s re-released albums.

But fear not, because today, I’m here to share some scientifically-backed energy-boosting tips that transformed me from a perpetually tired blob to an Energizer Bunny.

Let’s break down why you’re always feeling drained. I’ve categorized the common culprits into three main areas: biological, psychological, and environmental factors.

Biological Causes and Healthy Habits

First up, biological reasons for your exhaustion. Ever felt unusually tired, had random bouts of extreme fatigue, or found yourself easily winded?

You might be dealing with anemia. I spent years brushing off my fatigue as laziness until a blood test revealed I had subclinical anemia. After a few months of iron supplements and adjusting my diet, my energy levels soared. Lesson learned: get those nutrient levels checked regularly!

Another biological factor impacting your energy is insulin. That afternoon slump often leads us to sugary snacks for a quick fix, but sugar crashes are real.

Opt for proteins and low glycemic foods like whole grains and fruits to sustain your energy without the rollercoaster ride.

If you have a menstrual cycle, be aware that your energy levels may fluctuate throughout the month due to hormonal changes. Understanding these patterns can help you schedule tasks more effectively.

Sleep: Quality Over Quantity

Ah, sleep—the elusive elixir of energy. It’s not just about the hours; it’s about the quality. Some of us need more, others less. For me, around 7 hours works like magic. Experiment to find your sweet spot and stick to a consistent sleep schedule to regulate your body clock.

Creating a sleep-friendly environment is crucial too. Darkroom, cool temperature, and minimal screen time before bed are game-changers. And if you’re a night owl like I was, slowly adjust your schedule to sync with your natural rhythm—it’s worth the effort.

Falling asleep can be a challenge for many. Quitting caffeine or limiting it to mornings, along with optimizing your sleep environment, can make a big difference in how quickly you fall asleep and how restful your sleep is.

Sunlight and Exercise: Nature’s Energizers

Sunlight isn’t just for Instagram—it boosts cortisol levels, helping you wake up naturally. Try to catch those morning rays for a natural energy kick.

Exercise is another powerhouse. High-intensity cardio and regular workouts can do wonders for your energy levels, as confirmed by Harvard Med School.

If your circadian rhythm is out of whack, use the summer to reset it gradually. It took me months to shift from a night owl to an early riser, but the consistency paid off in improved energy and mood.

Psychological Factors: Avoiding Burnout

Beyond biology, our mental state plays a huge role. Burnout, the silent energy thief, hit me hard during intense study periods.

Balancing work with moments of joy is essential. Remember, downtime isn’t laziness—it’s active rest. Engage in hobbies that recharge you, not drain you. For me, Skillshare classes have been a lifesaver, offering creative outlets that refresh my mind.

Avoiding doom-scrolling and limiting screen time can also preserve mental energy. Active rest, including hobbies and activities that engage you mentally or physically, can prevent the slump that comes from constant passive rest.

Environmental Influences: Setting the Stage for Energy

Your surroundings matter too. Lack of sunlight or a cluttered space can zap your energy. Brighten up your environment and declutter to create a more energizing atmosphere.

And don’t underestimate the impact of social circles—positive relationships can uplift, while negative ones drain.

Listen to Your Body

Ultimately, mastering your energy is a journey of self-discovery. What works for me might not work for you, and that’s okay. Listen to your body, be patient with yourself, and embrace the process of finding what truly energizes you. It’s worth the effort to feel vibrant and alive.

So, here’s to banishing fatigue and embracing boundless energy! I hope these tips help you reclaim your vitality. Stay energetic out there, folks!

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