How To Romanticize School And STOP PROCRASTINATING

So, you hate studying. Every time you sit down at your desk, your mind floods with thoughts like, “This is so boring,” and “Why do I have to do this?”

School feels like jail, and studying is just a chore to avoid getting yelled at by your parents.

But here’s the deal, we spend at least 20,000 hours of our lives in school and college. That’s about 2.5 years! So, we might as well make those years a little less dreadful and a bit more enjoyable.

In this post, I’m going to share some tips and tricks to romanticize studying and, dare I say it, maybe even learn to like, or love.

1. Mindset

Let’s start with mindset since it’s probably the most crucial aspect. The main thing is to avoid reinforcing negative feelings towards school.

If every time you make a mistake or don’t get the grade you want, you mentally punish yourself by calling yourself a failure, you’ll start associating studying with negative emotions.

Over time, you’ll avoid studying altogether because of the built-up negativity and stress. Instead, realize that every time you hate yourself, it might feel motivating short term, but long term, it will ruin your self-esteem and motivation.

Ever notice how obsessively fantasizing about a certain goal can lead to procrastination? When you plan meticulously, thinking, “I’ll get into this university,” it can freak you out because of the current you feel so far from that end goal. This overwhelm leads to analysis paralysis.

A solution that works for me is choosing a direction rather than a concrete goal. Instead of saying, “I want to get into this university,” say, “I want to get into the best university I can.” Then, write down daily what you did in that direction. This emphasizes the importance of today and turns progress into a fun game.

2. Inspirations and Role Models

Role models are vital because, as they say, we are the sum of the people around us. Find people or characters that love learning, make studying seem fun, and work hard in the face of adversity.

They should have qualities you admire and want to develop in yourself. But beware—if watching someone makes you feel jealous or negative, it’s better to cut them out of your life.

Instead, tune into study vlogs of people similar to you or even study with me completely neutral videos.

3. School Supplies

school supplies

While you don’t need fancy stationery to enjoy studying or get good grades, having school supplies that you like can make studying more fun.

Find a pen, notebook, or keyboard that sparks joy and makes you feel cool while studying. You can also look for reusable notebooks or binders and pens with refills to be more sustainable.

Decorating your supplies with stickers can also add a personal touch and keep things fresh and exciting.

4. Study Spaces

Your main study space is likely your desk, so the goal is to make it energizing rather than depressing. Ensure it has ample space for studying, good lighting, quiet surroundings, and comfortable seating.

A clutter-free desk with some decorations can make your study area more inviting. If your home environment isn’t ideal, consider studying in cafes or libraries where you might find it easier to focus and be productive.

5. Ambience

If you don’t have access to a nice study space or just want to change things up, check out Study with Me videos, music playlists for studying, and soundscapes on YouTube.

There’s a vast variety, from dark academia to Harry Potter themes, so you can find something that suits your mood. Alternatively, create your own Spotify playlist of study music, but avoid songs with lyrics as they can be distracting.

6. Outfits

Believe it or not, what you wear can impact how you feel while studying. Studying in pajamas with messy hair might not be the best way to feel motivated. Instead, find outfits or styles that make you feel smart and studious.

Wearing something that makes you feel good can boost your energy and focus. Whether it’s a specific outfit or simply doing your hair nicely, dressing up a bit can help romanticize the studying process.


Transforming your study experience is all about mindset, inspiration, and environment.

Avoid reinforcing negative thoughts, find role models who inspire you, use school supplies that make you happy, create a comfortable study space, set the right ambiance, and dress in a way that boosts your confidence.

By incorporating these strategies, you can make studying a more enjoyable and rewarding part of your life. So, next time you sit down to study, try out these tips and see how they change your perspective. Happy studying!

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