How To Create the Bridgerton Aesthetic In Any Home?

Calling all history buffs and romantics! If you’re obsessed with the captivating world of Bridgerton, you’re not alone.

The show has taken the world by storm, not only for its captivating plot and characters but also for its stunning Regency-era backdrops. But how can you bring a touch of that Bridgerton magic into your own home?

In this post, I will share my secrets and unveil nine key elements to incorporate the Regency style into your modern space.

1. A Spot of Tea, Please!

Step away from the bulky sofas and embrace the “occasional pieces” of the Regency era.

Look for a beautiful tea set, like a gold set that complements your existing décor. Wood finishes, painted options, or a mix – the choice is yours!

2. Table Manners: The Tea Table

Think of a tea table as a taller version of a side table.

It served as the perfect spot for teacups and conversations. While you might use it for your morning coffee or that ever-present remote control, the tea table injects a touch of history without making your space feel like a museum.

3. Layered Finishes: A Collector’s Touch

Imagine your home as a collection of treasured pieces gathered over time.

Mix and match wood tones, painted finishes, and even a touch of gold to create a layered look. This approach adds depth and reflects the Regency style’s appreciation for a curated aesthetic.

4. A Touch of Gold: The Gilded Age

In this post, I will share my secrets and unveil nine key elements to incorporate the Regency style into your modern space.


Speaking of gold, incorporate it subtly! Think sconces, chandeliers, light fixtures, cabinet hardware, or even picture frames.

You can use a gold accent piece with her settee to create a pop of elegance against a neutral backdrop.

5. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Who can resist a fancy mirror? Gold, heavily carved, floral, or even crystal glass – the options are endless.

Find a mirror that complements your style, whether it’s a statement piece or a smaller one for your hallway or bathroom.

6. Desks with History

Gone are the days of straight lines!

Look for desks with a historical twist, like roll-top desks or those with trestle or cabriolet legs, inspired by animal forms and nature. Embrace the curves and add a touch of the past to your workspace.

7. Pastels Make Perfect

Pastel colors were a prominent feature in Bridgerton’s interiors and costumes.

Breathe new life into your space by adding a piece of pastel furniture, a painted chest of drawers, or even giving an existing piece a makeover with chalk-finish paint.

8. A Timeless Painting

Art lovers, rejoice! Hunt for a beautiful old painting to grace your walls. Amita suggests landscapes, portraits, or pastoral scenes with animals – a window into the idyllic countryside.

9. Floral Dreams: Wallpaper Lite

bridgerton inspired wall paper


Feeling intimidated by wallpaper?

Have beautiful silk wall panels with floral designs, providing a hint of the Regency style without the commitment.

Remember: Don’t feel pressured to go all out. Take inspiration from these tips and incorporate the elements you love, creating a space that reflects your own unique style.

So, which Bridgerton-inspired element will you bring into your home? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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