8 Essential Bridgerton-Inspired Bedroom Tips

If you’ve ever dreamt of bringing the opulent elegance and romantic charm of the Regency era into your bedroom, you’re in for a treat. Today, I’m unveiling eight different tips to help you achieve a Bridgerton-inspired bedroom.

I absolutely adore the show Bridgerton, not just for its captivating story but for its stunning set designs. The detailing in the Bridgerton home is soft, quiet, and elegant, transporting me to another time.

As someone who loves the 1930s apartment and French Cottage styles, Bridgerton has been a significant influence on my bedroom decor.

Bridgerton style blends Rococo, Baroque, and Regency with Victorian and Shabby Chic elements, creating a whimsical, pastel-colored world that I wanted to recreate.

Let’s dive into the eight tips to bring this dreamy style into your own bedroom!

1. Embrace a Pastel Color Palette

A pastel color palette is a must for achieving the Bridgerton look.

Incorporate light pinks, blues, mint greens, and creams throughout your room. Use these colors on your curtains, bedding, and furniture to create a cohesive look.

The sets on Bridgerton tie everything together beautifully, and you can do the same by ensuring your curtains match your carpet and furniture. Add lace details and soft textiles to enhance this delicate palette.

2. Incorporate Gilded Gold Accents

Gilded gold accents are essential to capturing the Regency style. A gilded gold mirror is a must-have; mine is from Anthropologie, and I adore it.

You can incorporate gold in various ways: on your walls, frames, furniture hardware, lighting fixtures, and even knick-knacks.

Gold accents make the room shine and sparkle, creating a Regency-era bedroom fit for Bridgerton.

3. Adorn Your Walls with Decor

Covering your wall space with decor is crucial. Hang paintings, portraits, wall sconces, and even tapestries.

I created a French paneling effect using peel-and-stick materials from Amazon, adding wallpaper behind it for a sophisticated touch.

This easy and non-damaging method adds depth and elegance to your walls. You can also hang decorative plates and framed pictures to fill white spaces and add a personal touch.

4. Luxurious Long Curtains

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Long, luxurious curtains are a hallmark of Bridgerton decor. Ensure your curtains are floor-length and extend as high as possible to the ceiling.

This creates a dramatic and elegant effect, especially when paired with a valance. Gold tassels, lace fabrics, and floral patterns add a Victorian flair.

Matching your bedspread with your curtains can create a cohesive and dramatic look.

5. Accentuate the Bed

The bed should be the main focal point of your room. You can achieve this by using bold wallpaper, dramatic bedding, and beautiful linens.

I have a tiara-like bed canopy from Pottery Barn, making me feel like a princess. Adding curtains that cascade down from the canopy or using gold accents around the bed can make it pop.

Cozy linens, soft patterns, and pastel colors are essential to creating a luxurious and inviting bed.

6. Add Lush Floral Elements

Floral elements add a sense of whimsy and elegance. Use fresh or dried floral arrangements in pretty vases, and incorporate floral patterns in your bedding and curtains.

You can even hang flowers above doors for an outdoor touch. Bridgerton is known for its extravagant bouquets and floral decorations, so don’t be afraid to go over the top with this one.

7. Have a Vanity

Antique or vintage vanities

A vanity is a must-have in a Bridgerton-inspired bedroom. It’s where you start your day, feel like a princess, and get ready.

Antique or vintage vanities are perfect, but a modern vanity paired with a vintage-style mirror works just as well. Keep the surface uncluttered, with candles and a few decorative items.

This creates a functional and beautiful space where you can prepare for your day in style.

8. Use Vintage Ceramics

Vintage ceramics are a lovely addition to your Bridgerton bedroom. Decorative vases, figurines, and plates add charm and character.

I love European figurines that look like they’re straight out of the show. Incorporate ceramic pieces on your bookcase, bedside tables, and vanity to create an authentic feel.

Mixing vintage and vintage-style ceramics throughout the room adds a touch of elegance and history.

Bonus Tips: Lighting and Furniture

Soft Lighting: Use romantic lighting, such as crystal chandeliers or candle wall sconces. I use battery-operated wax candles that give off a warm, romantic glow. These lighting elements create a magical atmosphere in your bedroom.

Tufted Furniture: Incorporate tufted furniture like headboards and chairs. Tufted pieces add elegance and sophistication, enhancing the overall look of your room.


Bringing the Bridgerton-inspired style into your bedroom creates a cozy, feminine, and relaxing sanctuary. By incorporating pastel colors, gilded gold accents, lush florals, and vintage ceramics, you can transform your space into an opulent Regency-era retreat.

Whether you add luxurious long curtains, accentuate your bed, or create a beautiful vanity, each element contributes to the overall charm and elegance of the Bridgerton look.

Enjoy your journey into creating a Bridgerton-inspired bedroom, and don’t forget to have fun with it! Personalize your space with pieces that speak to you and make you feel like royalty. Happy decorating!

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