7 Easy Hacks For Preparing For Back To School

Back-to-school season can feel like going through the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally, acceptance.

I’m hoping you’re at the acceptance stage with me. If not, these tips will hopefully help you get there.

Personal Yearbooks: Capturing Memories

Regardless of which planning method you choose, I highly recommend making a personal yearbook. Sure, schools usually have yearbooks you can buy, but this one is for your eyes only.

It’s a fantastic way to keep track of your school memories, moments, and thoughts throughout each academic year.

For instance, I made a digital yearbook last year, and the “My Thoughts on My Classes” section helped me decide to change my major. In your yearbook, consider including a photo memory section to capture moments with friends or at school, as well as a place to write down your top memories.

Researching Professors and Classes

Once you know which classes you’re taking and who’s teaching them, look up the professors. Check if they have a website or any reviews.

While you should take reviews with a grain of salt, they can provide useful insights into the professor’s teaching style and class format. If you have friends or upperclassmen who have taken the class, ask them for advice.

When you get the syllabus, review the topics covered and the class structure. This will help you determine if you need any old notes.

Pro tip: Schools often change or reset passwords during the summer. Make sure you memorize your university ID and store all your school website passwords and important information in a locked note on your phone.

Setting Effort-Based Goals

Effort-based goals rather than result-based goals can eliminate procrastination. Reflect on the past year and identify your top priorities in each category.

Then, set habits or goals that push you a bit more than before. This approach shifts the focus from the outcome to the effort, reducing the pressure and making tasks more manageable.

Back-to-School Shopping


Shopping for school supplies can be the best part of back-to-school season. Before you shop, check which stationery items need replacing.

Often, it’s best to wait until the first week of school when you have the required supply list. Different classes may require different items like grid paper or specific binders.

If you’re ordering online, check the arrival dates and order in advance. Some sites can take up to a couple of months for delivery, so plan accordingly.

Organizing Devices and Resources

Clear out your devices to make room for new school apps and resources. Organize your files for the new school year.

If you need a tutor, check your school’s website for free tutoring options. For textbooks, wait until you know they’re required. Look for cheaper online versions first.

If your school has standardized tests, buy the prep books at the beginning of the year. These books often explain concepts better than the school textbooks and can be invaluable for understanding the material.

Study Strategies

Base your study strategy on the syllabus. Look for extra credit opportunities early on, as they can be time-sensitive. Prioritize your time based on the weight of assignments.

Focus more on big projects worth a significant portion of your grade and try to keep your grades high on every assignment. This strategy allows you more leeway during exams, reducing pressure and test anxiety.

Familiarizing with Campus

Visit the campus beforehand to locate your classes. This prevents the embarrassment and stress of getting lost and missing classes.

I’ve made this mistake, sitting in the wrong classroom for half an hour before realizing it. Don’t be like me and explore your campus early!


I hope these tips help you navigate the back-to-school season with less stress and more excitement.

Remember, it’s all about creating a positive experience and making the most out of your school years. Good luck, and have a fantastic new school year!

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