6 Simple Tips To Exit The Lazy Girl Era

Are you currently in what I call the “lazy girl era”?

You’re in a deeply committed, almost toxic relationship with your bed. Hours melt away as you mindlessly scroll through your phone or stare blankly at the wall.

Life feels like one big messy puzzle, and each New Year brings disappointment as you reflect on wasted time.

I want to start by telling you to take supplements or vitamins every day that you need.

For this, it’s super important to get into the habit of going to the doctor regularly, at the very least once a year, and then knowing your blood test results and what they mean.

For instance, I transferred to a new primary care doctor early last year, and she added an iron panel to my blood test. It turned out that I was very iron deficient. I started taking iron supplements and focusing on eating iron-rich foods, and voilà!

My chronic tiredness, waves of anxiety, and constant feelings of coldness miraculously disappeared, all because I started focusing on taking more iron.

Embrace Strength Training

As a student, studying for hours on end feels like an extreme sport. We hunch over textbooks, wreaking havoc on our backs, legs, and overall muscle health.

Late last year, I decided to incorporate regular strength training into my routine, and the results amazed me.

My back pain vanished, my posture improved, and everyday tasks like climbing stairs or lifting groceries became easier. Strength training isn’t just about achieving that dream body; it’s about reducing pain and preventing future health issues.

You can start with simple bodyweight exercises in your room during study breaks or free time, eliminating the need to go to the gym or change into workout gear.

Regular Deep Cleaning

Let’s face it—I didn’t inherit the neat freak gene from my mom. For the longest time, I cut corners with my cleaning routine.

That is, until one eye-opening day when I finally decided to deep clean my room. What did I find? A century’s worth of dust lurking under my bed, on my fan, and yes, even on my walls! It was a shocking discovery, to say the least.

Since then, I’ve made it a habit to thoroughly dust and clean every nook and cranny at least once a month. The surprising part? My morning nasal congestion gradually disappeared. Turns out, that sleeping in a dusty room can have serious health effects.

Room Refresh without Overhaul

Alright, let’s talk about refreshing your space without going all HGTV on it. Sometimes, all it takes is a little rearranging. You don’t need to repaint the walls or buy new furniture. Just move things around a bit. Trust me, it works wonders!

And here’s a pro tip: add seasonal decor. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown holiday theme every time. Just a few touches—like swapping out throw pillows or adding a new plant—can freshen up your space and lift your mood. It’s like giving your room a mini makeover every season.

So, next time you feel like your room needs a change, don’t stress about major renovations. Simply rearrange a few things and add a touch of seasonal flair. Your space will feel brand new, and you’ll feel more energized and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Prep Your Outfit the Night Before

Here’s the game-changer: take a few minutes before bed to choose your outfit for the next day. Lay it out neatly, from head to toe. This way, when morning rolls around, you can just grab and go. No more frantic searches for matching socks or last-minute outfit changes that make you late.

Plus, planning your outfit gives you a chance to put thought into how you want to present yourself. Whether it’s a professional look for work or a comfy ensemble for a casual day out, you’ll step out feeling confident and put together.

Embrace the Capsule Wardrobe

Here’s how it works: regularly go through your wardrobe and pick out items you no longer wear or love. Donate or sell them. Then, streamline your wardrobe to include a limited number of versatile tops, bottoms, and accessories that you absolutely adore.

The beauty of a capsule wardrobe lies in its simplicity. With fewer choices, getting dressed becomes a breeze. You’ll always have outfits that make you feel confident because every piece is something you genuinely love.

No more stress over cluttered closets or decision fatigue. Just grab any top, pair it with any bottom, add a few accessories, and voila! You’re ready to take on the day in style.

Wrapping up

transforming your life doesn’t require grand gestures but rather consistent, meaningful habits that can make a significant difference over time.

From prioritizing health with regular check-ups and supplements to embracing the physical benefits of strength training, each habit discussed offers a pathway to improved well-being and productivity.

Cleaning and organizing your space not only enhances physical health but also clears mental clutter, while thoughtful wardrobe management and dietary improvements foster sustainable lifestyles.

Engaging in actionable planning and financial management empowers proactive living, complemented by a commitment to trying new experiences for enriched memories and personal growth.

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