20 Wedding Dress Ideas Inspired By Penelope Bridgerton

Penelope is the youngest daughter of the Featherington family, known for their striking fashion and somewhat questionable social standing in the ton (the high society of Regency London).

Unlike her family, Penelope is more introverted and highly intelligent, with a sharp wit and keen observational skills.

Her wedding dress, a blend of modern bridal elegance and Regency-era flair, inspires brides looking to make a statement.

Here are 20 wedding dress ideas inspired by Penelope Bridgerton’s unique style.

Wedding Dress Ideas Inspired By Penelope Bridgerton

1. Blush Pink Elegance

Wedding Dress Ideas Inspired By Penelope Bridgerton

Inspired by Penelope’s faint blush pink gown, choose a satin bridal dress in a soft pastel hue. This subtle color deviation from traditional white adds a romantic and modern twist to your wedding attire.

2. Signature Puffy Sleeves

Wedding Dress Ideas Inspired By Penelope Bridgerton

Penelope’s dress features the Bridgerton signature puffy sleeves. Opt for a gown with exaggerated sleeves to add a touch of Regency drama and elegance to your bridal look.

3. Semi-Plunging Neckline

Embrace the “Bridgerton Boob” trend with a semi-plunging neckline. This design offers a hint of allure while maintaining a refined and sophisticated appearance.

4. Ruched Shoulder Details

Wedding Dress Ideas Inspired By Penelope Bridgerton

Ruching at the shoulders adds texture and visual interest to a gown. This detail can elevate a simple bodice and create a more dynamic look.

5. Two-Toned Skirt

Wedding Dress Ideas Inspired By Penelope Bridgerton

Penelope’s gown featured an ivory tulle overlay that gave it a subtle two-toned effect. Consider a dress with a layered skirt in different shades to add depth and dimension.

6. 3D Floral Embellishments

Wedding Dress Ideas Inspired By Penelope Bridgerton

The 3D rosettes on Penelope’s dress added a whimsical touch. Incorporate similar floral embellishments on the skirt or bodice for a romantic and garden-inspired look.

7. Hidden Floor-Length Train

Wedding Dress Ideas Inspired By Penelope Bridgerton

For a dramatic entrance, choose a gown with a hidden floor-length train. This feature adds a surprise element and ensures a memorable walk down the aisle.

8. Floral Appliqué Bodice

Wedding Dress Ideas Inspired By Penelope Bridgerton

A bodice adorned with floral appliqués echoes the flowers in Penelope’s dress. This design element adds a delicate and feminine touch to your bridal attire.

9. High Neckline with Lace

For a more modest look, consider a high neckline with intricate lace detailing. This style combines elegance with a touch of vintage charm.

10. Tulle Overlay

A tulle overlay on the skirt creates a soft and ethereal appearance. This fabric choice is perfect for adding volume and a dreamy quality to your dress.

11. Off-the-Shoulder Sleeves

Off-the-shoulder sleeves are a romantic option that showcases your shoulders and collarbone. This design is both timeless and flattering.

12. Intricate Beading

Incorporate intricate beading on the bodice or skirt for a touch of sparkle. This detail adds glamour and sophistication to your bridal look.

13. Lace Cap Sleeves

Lace cap sleeves offer a delicate and vintage-inspired look. Pair them with a fitted bodice and flowing skirt for a balanced and elegant gown.

14. Empire Waistline

An empire waistline, a nod to Regency fashion, is flattering and elongates the figure. This style is perfect for a romantic and timeless wedding dress.

15. A-Line Silhouette

An A-line silhouette is universally flattering and offers a classic bridal look. This style pairs well with various necklines and sleeve options.

16. Backless Design

For a modern twist, choose a backless design. This feature adds a hint of allure while maintaining a sophisticated front.

17. Pearl Accents

Incorporate pearl accents into your dress for a touch of classic elegance. Pearls can be added to the bodice, sleeves, or skirt for a cohesive look.

18. Satin Finish

A satin finish adds a luxurious and smooth appearance to your gown. This fabric choice is perfect for a sophisticated and polished look.

19. Delicate Train

A delicate train adds a touch of elegance without overwhelming the dress. This feature is perfect for brides who want a hint of drama.

20. Vintage-Inspired Veil

Complete your bridal look with a vintage-inspired veil. Choose one with lace or beaded details to complement your gown and add a touch of Regency charm.


Penelope Featherington’s wedding dress from “Bridgerton” is a treasure trove of inspiration for modern brides.

You can create a wedding dress that embodies elegance, romance, and a touch of Regency-era charm by incorporating elements such as blush pink hues, puffy sleeves, semi-plunging necklines, and intricate floral details.

If you opt for subtle two-toned skirts or dramatic hidden trains, these 20 wedding dress ideas will help you channel the timeless beauty and distinctive style of Penelope Bridgerton on your special day.

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