10 Tips To Create A Bridgerton Harmony Ball

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This is Duchess Diaries, and today, we’re looking into the lush, romantic world of Bridgerton, taking inspiration from its balls and lavish parties to create modern-day events.

If you’re planning a wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, or birthday party, I am here to make your dreams come true.

Here I am focusing on the Bridgerton-Danbury Joint Ball, also known as the Harmony Ball. If you remember, this event was nothing short of spectacular, with exquisite fresh florals, greenery, and a touch of scandal when the ballroom was left empty.

But let’s not dwell on that. Let’s talk about the breathtaking decor that you can recreate for your special occasions.

The Inspiration: Bridgerton’s Harmony Ball

The Bridgerton home was adorned with excessive yet beautiful fresh flowers. Roses in blush, white, and cream, complemented by lush greenery.

This scene is perfect for any modern event, offering a timeless elegance.

While this floral theme is stunning, it’s also quite common. So, let’s put a twist on it. Think spring soiree with white, rose gold, gold, and greenery. This fresh color palette will elevate your event and keep it modern.

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Creating the Look: Step-by-Step

Round Tables

Round tables are universal and often seen at various venues. They can be tricky to decorate because traditional runners aren’t common for them.

Instead, you usually see tall or low centerpieces, which can get repetitive. To keep things interesting, I recommend using beautiful overlays.

Textured Rose Overlay

I found an embroidered and hand-sewn rose overlay that’s perfect. It’s more affordable than renting full-size linens and adds a luxurious touch when paired with a simple white tablecloth.


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Pair the overlay with a tall gold floral riser and a pre-made floral dome featuring peonies, roses, and hydrangeas.

Add frosted vines for a soft green vibe, and finish the look with a rose gold charger, a bright white napkin with a beaded green napkin ring, and some gold and crystal votives for nighttime functions.

Estate Tables

Estate tables, or rectangular tables, are a bit more versatile. They allow for the use of runners, which can add texture, color, and pattern without the cost of full-size linens.

Rose Gold Sequin Vine Runner

This runner is mesh, allowing the base color to show through. Pair it with a willow green polyester tablecloth for a rich, spring look.

Table Accents

Add small vases with darker pink floral clusters for contrast, a raspberry shantung satin napkin, and a gold scalloped charger. A beaded napkin ring with clear crystals, light green, and darker pinks adds the finishing touch.

Round Table with Arch

A table arch is a stunning way to make a statement. Use a rose gold sequin tablecloth for a luxurious base and create an arch with silk flowers and greenery.

Design Elements

Keep the table simple with a clear glass charger and a muted beaded napkin ring to match the florals and sequins. A raspberry napkin adds a pop of color.

Dessert Buffet

No party is complete without a food display or dessert buffet. This area should be both functional and beautiful.

Sequin Linen

Use the rose gold sequin vine tablecloth from earlier. It’s a standout piece and can save on costs since you’ll need fewer linens.

Display Elements

Add height with tall vases of creamy ivory dogwood branches. Use a clear beverage dispenser, a macaroon tower, and a versatile cloche for a stylish and practical display. Incorporate cake pops and a small floral wall for added elegance.

Floral Photo Wall

A floral photo wall creates a stunning backdrop for photos. Use flower panel backdrops and gold floral risers to add dimension and height.

Design Tips

Consider an 8×8 panel setup with multi-colored pink and white flowers. Add floral domes on risers to create layers and visual interest.

Party Favors

Finish your event with beautiful party favors. Custom handmade cookies in a rose gold box with a thank you note are perfect for guests to take home.


Wrap the cookies in tissue paper, and tie the box with a ribbon that has a leaf motif for a cohesive and charming look.

Final Mood Boards

Tall Tablescape

  • Rose organza overlay
  • Tall gold floral riser
  • Pre-made floral dome
  • Rose gold charger
  • Bright white napkin with beaded green napkin ring
  • Gold and crystal votives (optional for nighttime)

Estate Table

  • Willow green tablecloth
  • Rose gold sequin vine runner
  • Small vases with pink floral clusters
  • Raspberry shantung satin napkin
  • Gold scalloped charger
  • Beaded napkin ring with clear crystals and green accents

Arch Tablescape

  • Rose gold sequin tablecloth
  • Silk flower arch with greenery
  • Clear glass charger
  • Muted beaded napkin ring
  • Raspberry napkin

Dessert Buffet

  • Rose gold sequin vine tablecloth
  • Tall vases with ivory dogwood branches
  • Clear beverage dispenser
  • Macaroon tower
  • Versatile cloche
  • Cake pops
  • Small floral wall

Floral Photo Wall

  • 8×8 panel setup with multi-colored pink and white flowers
  • Gold floral risers with floral domes

Party Favors

  • Custom handmade cookies in rose gold boxes
  • Tissue paper wrapping
  • Leaf motif ribbon

That wraps up our Bridgerton-inspired spring soiree decor ideas.

If you’re planning a grand wedding or an intimate shower, these elements will bring a touch of Regency-era elegance to your modern event. Don’t forget to check the links below for the exact products and mood boards.

Thanks for decorating with me today! Be sure to subscribe for more design inspiration. Happy planning!

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