10 Spring Dresses Inspired by Bridgerton

Last weekend, I spent hours rewatching the ball scene in Season 3. Pen in those beautiful dresses? Dreamy! Inspired by all the Regency romance, I went on a major shopping spree and found the most amazing dresses that would make even Lady Whistledown take notice.

So, if you, like me, are channeling your inner Bridgerton heroine this spring, then keep scrolling! I’ve curated a collection of 10 dresses that are perfect for a garden party, afternoon tea, or just twirling around your room feeling like a diamond.

Let’s bring Regency vibes to the new season!

Here’s what to keep an eye out for when shopping:

  • Silhouettes: Empire waists and A-line cuts create a flattering, elegant line perfect for springtime.
  • Necklines: Square necklines add sophistication, while sweetheart necklines bring a touch of romantic charm.
  • Sleeves: Puffed or flutter sleeves add whimsy and a touch of ethereal beauty.
  • Fabrics & Details: Think spring florals, luxurious fabrics like silk or chiffon, and delicate lace trimmings for that Regency-era feel.
  • Modern Twist: Opt for knee-length or midi dresses for a more modern take, and don’t be afraid to add a pop of vibrant color!

10 of my favorite Brigerton Inspired Spring Dresses

The Daphne Dream

Brigerton inspired dresses

A soft lavender A-line dress with a delicate floral print dances with every spring breeze. The empire waistline flatters your figure, while puffed sleeves add a touch of playful romance, just like Daphne’s iconic debutante gown.

The Eloise Edge:

Brigerton inspired dresses

Stand out from the crowd in a bold emerald green dress. The fitted bodice with a square neckline exudes confidence, mirroring Eloise’s sharp wit. Delicate lace trimmings along the hem add a touch of Regency elegance.

The Penelope Perfection:

Brigerton inspired dresses

Channel Penelope’s charm in a sunshine yellow dress with a sweetheart neckline. The empire waistline creates a flowing silhouette, perfect for a springtime garden party. Flutter sleeves add a touch of whimsy, mirroring Penelope’s secret identity as Lady Whistledown.

The Colin Craze:

Brigerton inspired dresses

For a touch of playful masculinity, inspired by Colin Bridgerton, opt for a mint green dress with a menswear-inspired silhouette. Think sharp pleating and a fitted bodice, softened by delicate ruching at the bust and flutter sleeves.

The Queen’s Garden:

Brigerton inspired dresses

Imagine strolling through the Queen’s private gardens in a blush pink silk dress adorned with a whimsical floral print. The empire waistline highlights your figure, while puffed sleeves add a touch of grandeur, perfect for a royal encounter.

The Lady Whistledown Whisper:

Brigerton inspired dresses

Embrace the mystery with a midnight blue chiffon dress. The high empire waistline creates a dramatic silhouette, while delicate lace details on the bodice add a touch of intrigue, just like Lady Whistledown’s secret identity.

The Siena Soiree:

Brigerton inspired dresses

Inspired by Siena’s fiery spirit, choose a crimson red dress with a fitted bodice and a flowing A-line skirt. The square neckline adds a touch of sophistication, while the vibrant color ensures you’ll be the center of attention at any spring soiree.

The Anthony Appeal:

Inspired by Anthony’s brooding charm, opt for a navy blue dress with a sweetheart neckline and a fitted silhouette. The dress exudes elegance and power, perfect for making a lasting impression at a formal spring event.

The Featherington Flair:

Embrace the Featherington flamboyance with a vibrant floral print dress on a bold yellow base. The empire waistline flatters your figure, while ruffled sleeves add a touch of drama, perfect for making a statement this spring.

The Bridgerton Bloom:

Brigerton inspired dresses

Celebrate the season with a dress that truly embodies the essence of Bridgerton. Opt for a light blue silk dress with a delicate floral print that blooms across the bodice and flows down the skirt. The empire waistline flatters, while puffed sleeves add a touch of romantic whimsy, perfect for a springtime Bridgerton-inspired ball.pen_spark

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